Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Fairness and integrity are - beyond chemistry - the best formulas we apply.

Our Code of Conduct contains basic guidelines for all areas of cooperation of employees and business partners. It outlines components of our corporate culture, principles and values. Ultimately, it constitutes the indispensable basis for delivering on our value proposition to our customers.

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers is based on this general Code of Conduct. It governs specific principles we expect from our suppliers and service providers, and in principle from all our business partners.

Both codes are the basis of our internal policies, such as the Group Policies for Compliance, Risk and Quality Management. They are part of our integrated governance, risk and compliance management system (iGRC), whose tasks and topics are managed by the GRC Committee.

Employees can obtain information on GRC, internal policies, processes, training and the whistleblower procedure from the internal Compliance and Risk Share Point.

That potential violations of the Code of Conduct can be reported is a necessary condition for keeping our performance promises. And it is a practically, economically and legally required part of risk management and of continuous improvement of GRC systems.

The Kandelium Whistleblower Policy contains binding rules on the processing procedure, on ensuring confidentiality, on what should be reported, and on prohibiting detriment for whistleblowers acting in good faith. It is accessible for all employees on the internal Compliance and Risk Share Point and is also available as a brochure from the Administration, Worker’s Council and the operating plants.

Messages can be delivered by e-mail, telephone, in writing or in person to the Compliance and Risk Officers, the Human Resources Department, direct or higher supervisors and to the managing directors.

In addition, you can opt to submit messages via the text box below confidentially and, if required, anonymously to the statutory internal reporting officer at Kandelium.