Kandelium’s Sodium Percarbonate

Customized Solutions, Top Quality and Complete Reliability

OXYPER®: Always the Ideal Sodium Percarbonate

Kandelium provides customers around the world with top-quality sodium percarbonate. Under the name OXYPER® – a brand renowned for quality, stability, and adaptability – we produce sodium percarbonate in a variety of grades, suitable for every application. We also develop custom solutions tailored specifically to customer requirements. All OXYPER® sodium percarbonates are coated and stabilized, making them premium quality and ensuring that they are safe and easy to use, store and handle.

Unique Advantages with OXYPER® Sodium Percarbonate

Coated and Stabilized

Safe to use, to store and to handle: all of Kandelium’s OXYPER® sodium percarbonate grades are coated and stabilized. The granules are enclosed by an inorganic, highly soluble protective layer – ensuring they don’t interact with other ingredients, but dissolve quickly in water. As a result, our sodium percarbonate is stable both as a raw material and in the fully formulated product. With the right procedure, this makes it entirely safe for production, storage, delivery and use.

Wide Product Range

Kandelium offers OXYPER® sodium percarbonate grades ranging from an average particle size of 300 to 1500 microns. We also produce a variety of sodium percarbonate blends with sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate. Along with the reliable quality, this broad spectrum allows every customer to find the ideal percarbonate for their specific needs. We work closely with our customers, making sure to provide the right solution for every application.

Tailor-Made Products

Should we not yet have the perfect solution, our R&D team will develop it in partnership with our customer. Whether it is a new grade of sodium percarbonate or a new percarbonate formulation: we look for innovative ways to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Non-Dangerous Formulation

Sodium percarbonate is classified as a dangerous product, meaning that a permit is required to store large amounts. Kandelium has developed a special-grade OXYPER® blend for situations where gaining such a permit is not feasible. The blend is not classified as dangerous, and can be used for all percarbonate applications.

Expert Technical Support

We have over 50 years of experience in producing, optimizing and developing sodium percarbonate grades and blends. And all of our know-how is at your disposal. Our expert team of engineers and researchers provides customers with competent, comprehensive and individual support. For matters regarding stability, safety during storage, transport and processing, for regulatory questions involving labelling, classification and transport – and for every other issue related to sodium percarbonate.

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