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High-Purity Sulfur and Sulfides for All Purposes

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Kandelium’s high-purity sulfur is an essential raw material for many branches of industry – for example, it has a variety of uses in the chemical industry and is utilized as a vulcanizing agent in the rubber processing industry. Kandelium’s sodium sulfide (Na2S) and sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) are indispensable in applications as diverse as leather tanning, mining, water and waste treatment, and the production of various chemicals.

Sulfur Solutions for Manufacturing

Rubber Vulcanization


The chemical process of vulcanization is a vital step in rubber production. During vulcanization, sulfur forms cross-links – chains of sulfur atoms – between the individual polymer molecules.



Sulfur is incorporated into multiple inorganic and organic chemical processes as a sulfur source.

Sulfide Solutions for Mining and Waste Treatment

Ore Flotation

Mining and Waste Treatment

In mining, ore flotation is used to extract base metals like copper, lead, molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and zinc from sulfide ores. The flotation process is based on mineral particles’ difference in surface hydrophobicity, selectively capturing hydrophobic mineral particles. With modern methods, three or four sulfide minerals can be separated from the same ore. They are used as sulfidizing agents for metal oxide ores.

Water and Waste Treatment

Mining and Waste Treatment

One of the most common methods for removing heavy metals from waste water and contaminated soil is through the formation of insoluble sulfides. Precipitation with sodium sulfide is highly effective in freeing water from cadmium, zinc, copper and lead cations, as well as from arsenic and selenium. The relatively low solubility of sulfides allows a high degree of metal reduction to be achieved in a short amount of time.

Sulfide Solutions for Everyday Products

Leather Tanning

Everyday Products

The leather industry relies on sodium sulfide as a depilatory agent. It is applied to animal hides to remove hair and prepare the hides for tanning. This effective dehairing method has the added benefit of also stripping the animal hide of its fat content.

Fabric Dyeing

Everyday Products

Cotton fabrics are most commonly dyed with sulfur dyes. Sodium sulfide or sodium hydrosulfide are used as reducing agents to disintegrate the water-insoluble dye particles, making them water-soluble so they can be absorbed by the fabric.

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