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Excellence through Innovation and Experience

Leading the Market in Barium and Strontium

We are one of the world’s largest producers of barium and strontium carbonate – and the industry technology leader. Profound experience and commitment to constant innovation allow us to consistently provide the highest-quality strontium and barium carbonate on the market. The co-products sulfur and sulfides are also part of our premium product range. And because we excel in both quality and service, our customer base is longstanding, loyal and diversified.

Unique Advantages with Kandelium Barium, Strontium and Sulfur

Calcined Granules

Kandelium produces calcined granules of barium and strontium carbonate that are easy to handle – thanks to excellent flowability and low dust generation.

Very Fine Grades of Powder

Our wide product spectrum includes a variety of fine powders with different reactivity levels. These fine, premium-quality grades offer crucial advantages in a number of applications. For example, thanks to its unmatchable reactivity and low antimony content, strontium carbonate type A is used for the purification of electrolytic zinc solutions. The high-reactivity grade barium carbonate type B is used for sulfates removal in chemical processes and allows a lower dosage than coarser grades. And our barium carbonate grade AGK was created specifically to fulfill the needs of brick and tile production.

Sulfide-Free Coarse Powders

The ideal product for every use: For applications that require barium or strontium carbonate to come into contact with acid, Kandelium produces the milled grades barium carbonate C and strontium carbonate DF.

High-Purity Sulfur

All of Kandelium’s sulfur is produced by means of a chemical process that lends it an extraordinary degree of purity. Unlike other sulfurs, it contains no bitumen. We provide our high-purity sulfur in three grades of fineness. All three grades are available with an oil content of 1 or 5 %, allowing customers to avoid dust formation.

Broad Product Range and Customer-Specific Solutions

We offer the largest selection of barium carbonate, strontium carbonate and sulfur on the market. Our product portfolio also includes sodium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide and strontium nitrate. And we are always willing to develop new products in response to our customer’s needs. We are commited to finding the ideal solution for every application. Whether this means an existing product – or developing a new solution tailored specifically to customer requirements.

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Head of Sales & Marketing Barium Strontium