Our Sodium Percarbonate Solutions

Premium-Quality Percarbonate for Every Requirement

Broad Range of Applications

Kandelium’s high-quality OXYPER® sodium percarbonate is an essential ingredient in a large variety of products and applications. It provides a stable, sustainable and easy-to-use source of alkaline hydrogen peroxide – for bleaching, cleaning and disinfecting products as well as detergents, personal care products and water treatment solutions. OXYPER® can even be used as an oxygen source in medical emergencies, or in fish and shrimp farming. And because sodium percarbonate decomposes into water, oxygen, sodium and carbonate ions, it is friendly to the environment.
We supply different grades of sodium percarbonate to ensure an optimum fit with our customer's requirements.

Our product range includes:

  • OXYPER® SCS – versatile, multi-purpose grade suitable for many applications
  • OXYPER® S400 – fine grade with MPS <400μm
  • OXYPER® SCS G+ – coarse grade with MPS >1000μm
  • OXYPER® SCM – special grade for laundry and dishwashing formulations
  • OXYPER® SCB – blended with soda ash, premix for formulations with bleach

Sodium Percarbonate in Homecare

Laundry Detergent


OXYPER® sodium percarbonate is an active all-in-one cleaning ingredient in laundry detergent powders. It removes stubborn stains and prevents whites from turning grey over time while being safe for colors. It also improves detergents’ overall efficacy by acting as a natural water softener and effective pH buffer. When combined with an activator such as TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine), percarbonate can also act as a disinfectant, killing germs and improving hygiene.

Because percarbonate cannot be utilized in liquid detergents, only powder laundry detergents can deliver these benefits.

Bleaching Additive


When OXYPER® sodium percarbonate dissolves in water, it releases the active bleach hydrogen peroxide – and provides extra cleaning, whitening and disinfection power. It is an eco-friendly oxygen-based bleach that can be added to all types of detergent, including liquid and tabs.

Stain Removers


Oxygen-based stain removal products rely on the cleaning power of sodium percarbonate to remove persistent stains and odors. Stain removers containing OXYPER® percarbonate can also be added to any detergent when extra performance is needed.

Dishwashing Detergent


OXYPER® sodium percarbonate is a key ingredient in dishwashing powder and tablets. It effectively removes tough stains like tea, wine and coffee. It also combats odors and provides a high level of hygiene to both the dishes and the machine.

Sodium Percarbonate in Personal Care

Dental Cleaning

Personal Care

OXYPER® sodium percarbonate is an important ingredient for good oral hygiene. Cleaning products for dental prostheses – in powder or tablet form – utilize it to help remove stains and battle germs and malodor.

Hair Dyeing

Personal Care

Anyone who has permanently dyed their hair – at a salon or at home – has probably used OXYPER® sodium percarbonate. During the hair dyeing process, the hydrogen peroxide present in sodium percarbonate fixes the colorant onto the hair, ensuring that the desired color is permanent.

Sodium Percarbonate in Water Treatment

Water Quality Solutions

Water Treatment

When sodium percarbonate comes into contact with water, it releases hydrogen peroxide, which kills algae and bacteria that can be harmful to fish and hinder the water’s use for irrigation or recreational purposes. OXYPER® sodium percarbonate is thus an effective counter to environmental problems like cyanobacteria or filamentous algae. It can be used both as a curative treatment or a preventive measure.

Fish and Shrimp Farming Solutions

Water Treatment

Oxygen content is an essential factor in water quality – and frequently an issue in fish and shrimp farming. When ponds contain a large number of animals, environmental conditions can cause the oxygen level in the water to drop and endanger the well-being of the fish or shrimp. Adding OXYPER® sodium percarbonate to the water has proven to be a highly effective way of raising the oxygen content. As an added benefit, the released hydrogen peroxide also fights parasites and prevents diseases from spreading in the ponds.

Sodium Percarbonate in Health Protection

Disinfectant Solutions

Health Protection

Over the last years, the importance of effective disinfection has become inescapably clear. Hygiene is an essential factor in maintaining health and safety – not merely in sterile environments, but in our everyday life. When sodium percarbonate is used with the activator TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine), it dissolves to generate peracetic acid, a strong biocide approved for most disinfectant products in the EU. As a precursor of peracetic acid, OXYPER® sodium percarbonate can provide effective disinfection for surfaces and clothes – and play an important role in preventing the spread of germs and diseases.

Sodium Percarbonate as an Oxygen Source

Health Protection

In emergency situations, OXYPER® sodium percarbonate can be used as a backup source of oxygen. When put in contact with a catalyst, sodium percarbonate quickly breaks down to release oxygen in gaseous form. In situations were no other source of gaseous oxygen is available, this can be lifesaving for people in respiratory distress. Since OXYPER® sodium percarbonate does not require pressurized tanks or flasks, it is easy to store and keep on hand.

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