Our Corporate Principles

The Way We Do Business

As a company, we are united and defined by our principles. They inspire us to stay focused on our goals and to continuously improve in addressing our responsibilities. To our employees, our customers, our shareholders, and the world we live in.

Our Values


To us, open communication goes beyond inviting others’ thoughts and ideas – it means we actively embrace them as an opportunity to challenge our beliefs. And we are aware that openness goes both ways: we share our own insights, expertise and opinions freely, honestly and respectfully.

We know that we have much to learn in every situation. We release preconceived notions and approach each opportunity with an open mind and a fresh outlook. We are receptive to new ideas, new technologies and new perspectives – because that is how we grow.


We accept and appreciate others for who they are, and we treat everyone with consideration and respect. When working together, we are constructive and allow others to express themselves freely. Respect is the foundation of our work as a team. We value each other’s ideas and contributions, and we are aware that our differences and diverse viewpoints enrich us – as individuals, and as a team.

We hold our stakeholders and their interests in high regard, working to deliver the excellent results they can expect from us.


Our company’s success is based on trust, honesty and transparency. We have made integrity the basis for everything we do. This starts on a personal level: we strive to always be truthful, fair and straightforward when interacting with our colleagues, clients and partners.

In business, we are committed to ensuring that all of our actions and decisions are ethical. Our activities are always in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. And our proposals are always honest and based on solid data. We do not hide risks or costs – clients can be certain that we are giving them the full picture.


Our goal is to move away from traditional corporate hierarchies. We strive for our employees’ strong involvement and self-competence. We want to empower them to actively shape their own work, and to define their own competencies and responsibilities.

We see leadership as a support service. For us, management’s role is to enable employees to develop their strengths. We want to give responsibility to every employee – and we want every employee to be active, autonomous and engaged. To allow this, we are committed to breaking through closed, rigid structures and maintaining a strong dialogue throughout the company.

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